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Vampire Porn

That title ought to attract some lovely hits. But hey, if you’re into what I like to refer to as vampire porn, then you probably already know about Laurell K. Hamilton. In a previous post I promised a review of her latest Anita Blake novel. If you read her last novel and felt disappointed, you’ll be less disappointed this time around. Edward comes to town and that’s always a recipe for a good time.

When I think of her earlier novels in the series (we’re on book 15 in the series) they seem so innocent. Anita was certainly more innocent in those earlier novels and a lot of readers had trouble making the transition to her not-so-innocent story lines. I believe around book 6 or 7 is when my friend and I started referring to them as “vampire porn.” That’s a lot of foreplay when you think about it. Books 13 and 14 however were too much porn even for me. I’m all for Anita banging lots of vampires but jeez louise, there’s got to be some sort of plot beyond her Catholic guilt and relationship angst. It’s supposed to be a hard broiled supernatural detective/crime series for goodness sake! Throw some unlikely, yet hot, sex in for good measure and it’s all good. Make the entire book about sex and the fact that these vampire and werewolves all have huge cocks and you get…yawn.

Here’s a random thought: let’s have Anita bang something that has a normal sized dick and knows how to use it. That would be interesting. Sorry, I digress.

Her latest novel, The Harlequin, is much more fun than either Micah or Danse Macabre. There are vampire politics and problems coming to terms with The Ardeur, not to mention some freaking resolution with Richard the werewolf, as well as a nice appearance by Edward and the Sick Fuck from a few books back. You know if Edward shows up, Anita is in some serious trouble and there’s likely to be a plot. But, in the end…it’s still vampire porn.


Completely Uncensored

Goddamn, I just saw We’re From Japan and they totally fucking rocked it. Fuck prosac, if you’re feeling down in the dumps go check out some live music! I’m pretty new to the progressive post-rock scene a la Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and Isis, but I don’t care: I loved it!

There were no vocals in the entire set. It was all instrumental. Boring you say? Ohhhh no. There was no boring music, unless you think the sound of the ocean is boring. It was symphonic wave after wave that ebbed and flowed and swelled and boomed and caressed.

I’ve been curious to see them for quite some time and, clearly, I wasn’t disappointed. Two guitars, bass, and drums they all seemed to be doing their own thing, each lost in their own little piece of the music , yet somehow they melded together into this awesome wall of sound.

Check them out online or catch their next show. If you don’t dig them, well…there’s really nothing I can do for you.