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Dahlia at The Doug Fir Lounge

dahlia.jpgSome time ago you may recall that I expressed a desire to see Dahlia do a full show at the Doug Fir. They perform there the last Weds of every month and tonight, I finally had the chance to go. Dang they’re fun, not to mention hot as hell! Or, as the doofy guy to the left of me, who I kid you not was banging his head and playing air guitar the entire show, said to his not quite as doofy but still pretty doofy friend, “Wow, she’s a real sexpot!” Even if the show had sucked, that guy was unintentionally funny enough to make the night worth the price of admission.

As I like to do from time to time, I went to this show incognito. When I say incognito, I mean to say that I was alone and wrapped in my own personal invisibility cloak. I think I have the ability to draw in my aura (or whatever it is that makes people able to sense your presence) such that I get run into and stepped on a lot.

I do this so I can be in my own little world of musical enjoyment without being approached by drunken bridge and tunnel boys. The next time my mother asks me why I wear such clunky shoes, I’m going to tell her it’s so when some dude backs up 3 feet and stops only when my hands are on his shoulder blades and his foot is firmly planted on my toes, I remain unscathed.

Getting back to the music, Jenn does these great Shirley Bassey vocals, full of smoke, to a driving rhythm provided by her DJ Keith. They had the Weds night crowd moving and grooving well before the end. I would definitely see them again!

Dahlia was preceded by Sophe Lux and Suckapunch. I saw Sophe Lux open for Stalking Jane a few weeks ago and didn’t really dig them so much. Perhaps I wasn’t in the right mood for what seemed like a gimmicky show. But then, I have a tough time with girl bands who have lyrics that include “Yeah, yeah, yeah” in their choruses. It may just be me though, because The Mercury totally loves them. Since I was busy earlier in the evening I skipped their part of tonight’s show but managed to catch Suckapunch.

I’m not a big hip hop fan but this guy was very cool. I liked his smooth-voiced lyrical delivery and what he had to say was good progressive Portlander stuff about the government staying out of his grill and humans respecting the environment. It’s getting a little fuzzy now, but it all made lovely sense at the time. He reminded me, dare I say it, of Will Smith’s autobiographical raps.

Next week, I’ll see Snow Patrol and The English Beat. Good stuff!


My Haiku

It’s really Monday

There is not enough coffee

To make up for it

Cool Sustainability Item of the Day — Underwater Tree Harvesting

oct_10_green_building_magazine.jpgOnce a month I get a very cool magazine at work called Green Builder. It’s full of articles on solar power technology, recycled building materials, sustainability, and the like. The September issue had an article called Wood from Water –Loggers Harvest a New Kind of Sunken Treasure. Written by Carol Ekarius, it talks about a British Columbia company called Triton Logging. It seems that there are 200 to 300 million trees standing under water in reservoirs around the world. The trees harvested from these reservoirs are of great quality and simply need to dry out a bit.

Triton has a remote controlled, underwater logging vehicle that plucks the trees free of the reservoir bed and then floats them to the surface with reusable inflatable bladders. The process is safe and cost effective. Lumber from these recovered trees is comparable in price to conventionally harvested trees. How cool is that?!

If you’re interested in sustainability, you should check out this magazine. You can download back issues for free. You don’t have to be a builder to get some great ideas from it!

Quote of the Day

In case you’ve ever wondered why technical manuals are hard to follow sometimes, this is a partial transcript of a conversation between a project manager and a contract technical writer who couldn’t log in to a particular online database. It was not unlike trying to log in to Gmail.
Contractor: still having probs with popups
Employer: That’s a problem. Did you add the domain to your Trusted Sites list?

Contractor: it may indeed, just be a subtle configuration parameter that requires a ‘check’ enabled
Employer: I would suggest pinging support, now online, to see if he’s seen the pop up issue.

Contractor: sorry, i’m finding A LOT of subtle issues arising as i walk thru this with support…
Contractor: when you look at stuff all the time, you tend to take stuff for granted
Contractor: i think i may have nailed down a subtle issue that’s been overlooked
Contractor: fingers crossed, still testing
Contractor: straight-up, mr. gates makes windows users work too hard 😉 — still testing
Contractor: it’s not going well
Contractor: not sure support can help me anymore

Contractor: i think i ‘overwhelmed’ support with my propensity to trouble-shoot 😉
Contractor: i hope he took my efforts constructively
Contractor: still have the ‘sa’ in my blood, i guess

Contractor: let me step back for ~30 minutes and then retrace my path
Contractor: there’s something subtle i need to do, step-wise
Contractor: i’ll get back at you in ~30 minutes
Employer: I have no one else to do this.

Contractor: it think it’s just a stepwise parameterization matter
Employer: It’s very simple process
Contractor: i kinda noticed some subtle stuff happen and change based on steps i too–there’s a hierarchiacal issue
Employer: I’m lost…
Contractor: when you invoke which step
Contractor: i know, it should not be this difficult
Employer: I’ll leave you to it.
Contractor: it was working before

Portland’s Burning – A Tribute to The Clash

z-mofuckingclash.gifLast night a friend and I hit the Clash tribute at The Doug Fir. What a fun event! Each band played three songs or so and the set changes were pretty quick. The show still lasted until after midnight, but I hardly noticed. After all, Thursday is the new Friday! The crowd was a little more push-and-shove than normal for a Fir show. In spite of standing back by the soundbooth, it seemed like I was being bumped a lot.

There was a band with a couple of horns that I particularly liked but I have no clue who they were. All I can really say about them is that they had a ska vibe going on and sounded good. All of the bands seemed to be having fun and some were better than others but since I have no idea who any of them were, it’s pretty tough to say anything else about it. I was also maybe a little distracted by conversation during a lot of the show, but heck, if I’d wanted to be in my own little world, I’d have gone by myself!

Big thanks to the Doug Fir for hosting such a fun event for free!

The Devil Made Him Do It…

I normally restrict my political and religious remarks to other people’s political blogs but I just couldn’t resist this one. Reverend Ted Haggard lost his position as head of the New Life church in Colorado Springs today. It reminds me of a CEO/founder of a corporation being fired by his board of directors for misconduct. Since the mega-church evangelical movement is nothing but big-business in sheep’s clothing, I’d say the comparison is pretty accurate.

For those who would like some background, Harpers published a fascinating story about Rev. Ted in May 2005. While people like myself find it all very creepy and sad, I doubt most of his followers found much to complain about in the article. I checked out a Seattle mega-church many years ago at the invitation of a coworker, and what I read in Harpers matched my own experience. I come from a Christian background, having attended several Christian schools and having been an active member of Young Life, so I feel reasonably well qualified to spout off on the subject. These people seem to have taken the concepts put forth in the Frank E. Peretti novels (Christian fantasy) and made them gospel. It’s bizarre. It’s like if someone decided that Tolkein’s tales of Middle Earth were historical fiction instead of literary fantasy and then lived their life accordingly. Anyway, back to Rev. Ted.

My comment on this story is that in spite of this man’s hypocrisy, he’ll be back. He may have to start over with a new ministry, but I have no doubt that he’ll use the repentant sinner approach to regain his wealth, status, and position. I won’t be surprised if he ends up wealthier and more powerful than he was before, and here’s why. From the Houston Chronicle,

“Church member Christine Rayes, 47, said the congregation had hoped the allegations ‘were all lies.

‘We all have to move forward now,’ she said. ‘This doesn’t make what Ted accomplished here any less. The farther up you are, the more you are a target for Satan.'”

See, he can just blame it all on Satan (aka, other gay men) and continue to try to eradicate his own personal demons by eradicating the free will of others to live and love as they choose. So much for personal responsibility. So much for worrying about the log in your own eye before you worry about the splinter in someone else’s. Why can’t these people leave the rest of us alone?

Random Thought of the Day

I was just sitting here thinking that I haven’t been to a show in ages, and then I realized it’s only been a week. I may have a problem. On the other hand, for the first time in I don’t even know how long, there are no tickets clipped to my fridge. This must be remedied ASAP. If anyone has a suggestion, I’d be happy to take recommendations. No Rose Garden shows though please. Thanks.


94.7 just announced their December to Remember lineup. SNOW PATROL is coming back!!!!! The English Beat is playing the next night so I’m all manner of set. Soon– soon there will once again be tickets adorning my fridge!