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My Ears Are Ringing

So last night I went to Berbati’s Pan and saw The National. Tonight I saw The Prids at The Doug Fir. Dang, both bands were totally fun, if entirely different, and The Prids had the added bonus of The Sun The Sea opening for them. My ears are seriously complaining about the abuse but both shows were really freaking fun. Check out these bands if you haven’t already.

The National has a symphonic rock sound with deep smooth vocals and a sweet violin. The Prids are a darker, bass heavy and fast drums band, while The Sun The Sea are charismatic garage indie rock at its most fun. It’s weeks like this that I feel really happy to be alive and well in Portland within a 10 minute drive of great music.



I’m heading to Hawaii for a week in the sun, then I move into my new place. Life is good…

I Have This Thing

I have this strange karma where I’ll be sitting in a restaurant, waiting an interminable time for my food, and I’ll realize that I need to run to the restroom. Upon my return, my food is invariably sitting there waiting for me. I had lunch today with a friend and we waited almost half an hour for our food before I remembered this little bizzaro thing. I figured I’d give it a try on purpose this time. Sure enough, by the time I got back from the bathroom, our food had arrived.

I seem to have a similar bizzaro thing with this blog. Last night I posted my rant about the seeming impossibility of finding a rental house in SE Portland when, lo and behold, today I got the call that my friend and I were accepted for a house we applied for a week ago and had given up on.

I’m thinking, when it’s time to look for a job I’ll try a preemptive blog rant and see what happens!

Back in the Saddle – For the Moment Anyway

I’ve been absent from the blogging world recently for several reasons that all distill down to this — I’ve been completely wrapped up and obsessed with my own little world. When I’m in that head space, it’s impossible to write anything. I’m actually still completely wrapped up in my own little world but I feel like I’m seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the sewer pipe. I have a few comments to make for the record, while I’m still hanging out in the aforementioned pipe.

A. I joined a pool team. I suck at it, and that’s OK.

B. Selling a house and then packing up to move out of it is a pain, especially when…

C. Finding a new place to live in SE Portland (the cool part anyway) is ridiculously hard, time-consuming, and thus far fruitless.

D. I’m totally addicted to Smallville and I haven’t even made it through season 1 yet.

E. I really like a good soak in the tub.

As of today, I’m house-sitting for my friends next door. To keep with the Technogrrrl theme I so rarely pay any attention to, I’ll mention here that I brought over all of the essentials necessary to a high standard of living: my laptop, the Xbox, an mp3 player, some clothes and toiletries, my single cup coffee thingy, my kitchenaid stand mixer, and my Sidekick. Apparently, everything I’m jamming into my PODS unit is just fluff. Actually, given how heavy it all is, I suppose it would be ballast.

Your reward for making it to the end of my little rant is the following statement. Westfold is a pretty cool band and you should check them out.

Check back soon for a review of the latest book from my favorite vampire porn author!