It’s Been Awhile…

My goodness. I haven’t updated my blog in quite some time. I think I went into some sort of holiday hibernation period wherein I really didn’t feel like writing anything. I went to at least 4 shows during my absence. I’d tell you about them but I’m not much in the mood for it. I’ve been accused of being concertgrrrl instead of technogrrrl and they have a point! Instead, I’ll get more personal than I probably should.  God knows what this will tell you about me!

Today a friend of mine sent out an e-mail to a bunch of us that described a crazy dream he’d had the night before. This brought to our minds our own crazy dreams which we proceeded to share. I told them about a dream I had several months ago in which I died. Thinking about it later, I remembered that I actually recorded the dream as a “note” in my phone while waiting for a set change at the Doug Fir the night after the dream. The dream I related to my friends was not quite right in the details, so here’s the full account of it as recorded at the Doug Fir.

I died twice in my dreams last night. The first time, I was in my own body. I don’t recall how it happened. I found myself lying in my coffin, which I somehow knew was white. The lid was shut and I could sense that I was being lowered into my grave. As the clods of dirt started to hit the coffin lid with a dull thud and scatter, I reminded myself not to panic.

In concern for my friends, who were fighting the good fight in my absence, I left my body to find them. I don’t recall what they were fighting but it seemed to be a great evil, and they had lost their leader. I found that they had carried on but had reached a point of desperation. I took up residence in one of their bodies so that I could watch. I couldn’t bear to completely abandon them.

The final, desperate plan of my friends was to bomb the headquarters of the enemy. It was a suicide mission. The bomb would go off before they could make it out of the building. If they didn’t succeed, there would be nothing left to live for anyway.

When the bomb went off I was standing in the parking garage of the building. It was an underground garage, all concrete and artificial lighting. I stood and faced the ring of fire that raced toward me. At the last second, I dropped to one knee and welcomed the fire as it seared me to ashes. It was over and I was conscious of feeling relieved that there was so little pain.

And then I awoke to the breaking dawn and the prospect of another day at the office.

Perhaps I’ve watched too much of Buffy and The Matrix…



  1. girl Said:

    Indeed, strange dreams!

    I’ve been dreaming about the war in Iraq since watching that series, “Off to War.” I’m grateful to be nearly finished.

    I can’t help but attribute your dreams to your D&D lifestyle and readerly-type habits, little bird.

  2. Updated stats on cost of Bush’s criminally negligent Iraq plan

    Technogrrrl pointed out some omissions in my original post so I’ve made some updates.

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