The Sun The Sea — The Best New Band I’ve Seen in Some Time

thesunthesea.jpgAlright, for those keeping track (although I can’t imagine why you would), I did not make it two weeks without going to a show. I scored free tickets to The Doug Fir Thursday night, and boy am I glad I did! The night started off with a performance by kids from The School of Rock. I only caught the last bunch but they were great! 14 year old kids jamming in a real bar in front of a real audience was a pretty amazing sight. Granted, part of the audience consisted of their parents, most of whom looked like aging rockers themselves.

Otherwise, the audience pretty much appeared to be hardcore music fans. Not fans of hardcore music, but rather people who were there for the music instead of the scene. I didn’t see even one bridge and tunnel person. The only person who stood out was a Troutdale-looking fellow in acid-wash ripped jeans and jean jacket, topped with a straw cowboy hat. It wasn’t much of a scene if he was hoping to pick up on someone.

Which brings me to The Sun The Sea. Of the new bands I’ve seen this year, they are my favorite. They consist of two guitars, drums, and bass. The Doug Fir described their sound as “Shoegazer and Rock had a Pop baby” and I think they’re right. One guitar handled the peddle effects to an expert degree of psychedelic joy, while the other guitar handled the rock riffs. The lead singer reminded both my friend and I of Brandon Flowers of The Killers a la Sam’s Town, but that was only his looks. His voice was smooth as silk. By the end of the show I realized he could be passionately singing about the weather for all I knew, because I was completely taken in by their overall sound. If they’d had an EP, I’d have bought it for sure. MySpace has four demo songs available for listening but there were a few songs during the show that I’d particularly like to hear again and they’re not on there. I will have to be patient! In the meantime, the more I listen to the available tracks, the more I like them. It’s an interesting listening experience.

The headliner Thursday night was called Hot One but we didn’t get to hear them because we got a call that the power went out at the house. So, we had to run home to unplug everything. I have a serious mistrust of surge protectors. Now that I think about it, the “Storm of the Decade” probably kept the bridge and tunnel people at home that night. It’s too bad because they missed a fun show!


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