Goodness Gracious, Neil Gaiman Rocks!

I’m looking forward to when I can take the time to do a decent blog entry again! Work has been nuts so I’ve been trying to give my bloodshot eyes a break from the computer glare. I’m not sure reading is the best break, but it’s been good. It’s been over a week since my last show. I have no plans for shows this week. I may make it two weeks! I’m not clear as to why that’s a good thing, but it’s probably good for my ears.


I read Eaters of the Dead (the short novel upon which The 13th Warrior was based) by Michael Crichton last week. It was an entertaining read and seemed to be well-researched.

This week I’m reading Neil Gaiman’s latest book of short stories, Fragile Things. I’m not a short story fan infragile-things.jpg general, but for him I make the exception. If I had stories to tell, his are the kind they’d be.


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