Dahlia at The Doug Fir Lounge

dahlia.jpgSome time ago you may recall that I expressed a desire to see Dahlia do a full show at the Doug Fir. They perform there the last Weds of every month and tonight, I finally had the chance to go. Dang they’re fun, not to mention hot as hell! Or, as the doofy guy to the left of me, who I kid you not was banging his head and playing air guitar the entire show, said to his not quite as doofy but still pretty doofy friend, “Wow, she’s a real sexpot!” Even if the show had sucked, that guy was unintentionally funny enough to make the night worth the price of admission.

As I like to do from time to time, I went to this show incognito. When I say incognito, I mean to say that I was alone and wrapped in my own personal invisibility cloak. I think I have the ability to draw in my aura (or whatever it is that makes people able to sense your presence) such that I get run into and stepped on a lot.

I do this so I can be in my own little world of musical enjoyment without being approached by drunken bridge and tunnel boys. The next time my mother asks me why I wear such clunky shoes, I’m going to tell her it’s so when some dude backs up 3 feet and stops only when my hands are on his shoulder blades and his foot is firmly planted on my toes, I remain unscathed.

Getting back to the music, Jenn does these great Shirley Bassey vocals, full of smoke, to a driving rhythm provided by her DJ Keith. They had the Weds night crowd moving and grooving well before the end. I would definitely see them again!

Dahlia was preceded by Sophe Lux and Suckapunch. I saw Sophe Lux open for Stalking Jane a few weeks ago and didn’t really dig them so much. Perhaps I wasn’t in the right mood for what seemed like a gimmicky show. But then, I have a tough time with girl bands who have lyrics that include “Yeah, yeah, yeah” in their choruses. It may just be me though, because The Mercury totally loves them. Since I was busy earlier in the evening I skipped their part of tonight’s show but managed to catch Suckapunch.

I’m not a big hip hop fan but this guy was very cool. I liked his smooth-voiced lyrical delivery and what he had to say was good progressive Portlander stuff about the government staying out of his grill and humans respecting the environment. It’s getting a little fuzzy now, but it all made lovely sense at the time. He reminded me, dare I say it, of Will Smith’s autobiographical raps.

Next week, I’ll see Snow Patrol and The English Beat. Good stuff!


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