Portland’s Burning – A Tribute to The Clash

z-mofuckingclash.gifLast night a friend and I hit the Clash tribute at The Doug Fir. What a fun event! Each band played three songs or so and the set changes were pretty quick. The show still lasted until after midnight, but I hardly noticed. After all, Thursday is the new Friday! The crowd was a little more push-and-shove than normal for a Fir show. In spite of standing back by the soundbooth, it seemed like I was being bumped a lot.

There was a band with a couple of horns that I particularly liked but I have no clue who they were. All I can really say about them is that they had a ska vibe going on and sounded good. All of the bands seemed to be having fun and some were better than others but since I have no idea who any of them were, it’s pretty tough to say anything else about it. I was also maybe a little distracted by conversation during a lot of the show, but heck, if I’d wanted to be in my own little world, I’d have gone by myself!

Big thanks to the Doug Fir for hosting such a fun event for free!



  1. Steve Said:

    Sounds like a great show. Sorry I missed it!

  2. jim Said:

    Hey, I was googlin’ to see what other cities were doing Clash Tribute nights and found your cool site. The band with two trumpets was Kieskagato (kieskagato.com), with guest Jim Brunberg (jimbrunberg.com) on vocals. That night was a damn blast!

  3. Julie Said:

    Kieskagato rocked! I liked Miraflores and the jug band that played out in the audience inbetween bands. An all around kick ass night. I heard the event promoter is doing a David Bowie tribute night next. I’ll be there with a flippity floppity hat.

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