She Wants Revenge and Placebo at the Roseland

placeboWow, what a great show! This was my fourth time seeing She Wants Revenge in the last year. I never tire of watching them. These guys are either touring nonstop, they really like Portland, or maybe it’s both! I can’t even seem to see Stars of Track and Field four times in a year, and they’re local! I hope they stop touring long enough to record a new album before they burn themselves out.

I’d never seen Placebo but I knew several of their songs from the radio. Let me say again, wow. Both bands sounded great live. Placebo had a great stage presence and were very engaged with the crowd. The crowd loved them! There was a girl behind me who literally screamed all of the lyrics to their songs and every time they kicked into a new one, she screamed and jumped around like she’d just won the grand prize on The Price is Right. She was so excited I was worried she might explode a la Spinal Tap! There was another guy standing near us that I don’t even know how to describe. He was probably in his 50’s, white hair, alone. This dude was into it! Hand clapping, fist shaking, foot stomping into it! I had to seriously watch out for his flying elbows. Both of these people seemed incredibly happy to be there so one couldn’t help but smile at them. Surprisingly, there didn’t appear to be any obnoxious shoving up front this time. It was pretty much a perfect show. Excited energy from the crowd + sexy showmanship from the bands + great music = a fun time for everyone.

As an added bonus, I got to take my friend’s son and his buddy to the show with us for their 13th birthdays. It was Jordan’s first real rock concert and She Wants Revenge was not only one of his favorite bands, but it was also an awesome show, and on a school night to boot!


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  1. Sandra Said:

    Sounds like it was a total blast! I’ve seen SWR a few times too…and loved every single minute of it.

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