Nifty Nerd Tool of the Day: LogMeIn – It Rocks!

logo-lmi1.gifLogMeIn is a free web-based application that gives you remote access to your computer. It’s not new but I finally added my media server to my account and I’m newly excited about it. When I log in to my account, I have 3 of my computers available to me (but I could add the rest if I wanted to). That means I can check the files I’m downloading onto my media server from work, or take control of my work computer from my laptop while sitting in a coffee shop.

If you’ve never used a remote desktop application before, here’s what you see. In your Web browser window sits your desktop as you would see it if you were sitting in front of it. You can then manipulate it however you want. It’s simple and oh so handy.

Depending on your connection speed, the lag-time isn’t bad. Right now I’m on a wireless 24Mbps connection at full strength, while my media server has the same connection but at low strength. The lag-time is barely perceptible and is certainly acceptable, particularly for free. I’ve never used GoToMyPC but others I know who have say LogMeIn is a much better deal. They do have added features in their paid Pro version, like remote printing and file transfers but for casual use, the free version is great!


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