How I Got iTunes Video to Stop Jerking Me Around

I finally got iTunes video working on my laptop. No other video format has ever given me this kind of trouble, and I’ve used all sorts of players, formats,and codecs.

I had to disable DirectX in Quicktime, lower my screen resolution to 1024×768, change my iTunes preferences to play videos in the main window, and then from there click the thumbnail view and widen it to fit the screen. Since I have a wide-screen display, I don’t actually get a full screen experience but at least it’s watchable. It’s also ridiculous. The resolution of the video is pathetic for this day and age. I’ve never been an Apple fan, but this experience makes me actually despise them. The second there’s a legal alternative, I’ll jump ship.

Update: I knocked my screen resolution down to 800×600 and was able to go full screen with only occasional video stutters.  However, the quality of the video was still grainy.  Booooo Apple!



  1. Steve Said:

    Yep. Quicktime is total garbage. I’ve had nothing but problems with it over the years on every computer I’ve had — at least 10 or 12 in total. I’ve written about it in two posts entitled, “Won’t Quicktime go away already?” and “Dear Apple: Stop distributing startup spam.” The marketplace is far too competitive for Apple to keep this inferior format on the market. They’ll either have to make major improvement to QuickTIme or it will go way. And I can’t wait for that day.

  2. Jeff Said:

    In terms of hearing sounds, there’s another factor: attention. I’ve been blind as a bat my whole life, and my brain is not hardwired to trust what I take in visually. Literally. There’s kind of this review system where my brain reads visual stimulus as a suggestion, not a fact. I depend far more on my other senses to tell me what’s really going on, so in my environment, I’m aware of more sounds than a typical well-seeing person.

    Having been at that ringtone event you describe, you know I missed the mosquito ringtone. Which sucks, because I’m extremely protective of my hearing.

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