Snow Patrol at the Roseland Theater

Chasing CarsI wrote the following entry one afternoon last week while sitting in a restaurant eating lunch. I was too busy at work to blog last week and too busy in the evenings to blog at home. I spent the weekend on the couch , with a yucky cold, watching the first season of Lost while I worked on my laptop. See the next story down for that saga. Anyway, I’m finally getting this thing posted.

Saturday’s [Sept. 23rd] Snow Patrol show was awesome. I’ve been a fan of theirs since the moment I heard them in late 2004. They played a “December to Remember” show at the Crystal Ballroom with Keane, whom I also love but not as much. I’d never heard of them and was barely familiar with Keane. It was another example of loving the opening band even more than the headliner I was there to see. Sadly, I got there late and missed over half of their set. I was so bummed!

They came back in the spring of 2005 and played two sold out shows at the Roseland. For reasons beyond my comprehension (probably cashflow related) I missed them. I’ve regretted it ever since. When I found out they were coming around again to promote their new album, Eyes Open, nothing was going to stop me from seeing them. Instead, vocal chord polyps stopped their tour short of reaching me! They had to reschedule the show from June to September. I consoled myself with what I call “Snow Patrol Days” wherein I queue up their four albums available on Yahoo Music Unlimited and listen to them all day at work. I also have “Fall Out Boy Days” but that’s a different mindset and, ah, let’s not go there. <Ahem> Back to Snow Patrol…

Imagine my happy surprise when I checked the Bite of Oregon schedule and saw them on it! I didn’t believe it could really be them so I confirmed it on their Web site to be sure. Yep, it was them. I’d get to see them twice! But, no. The terrorists won a small victory and fouled up all the British Airways flights, stranding half the band and all their equipment in Amsterdam. As Tara on 94.7 said later, nothing short of Armageddon was going to keep them away from the September 23rd show! Consequently, my expectations were totally ramped. I’m happy to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

They were clearly happy to be here and had big smiles on their faces during most of the show. The crowd was very enthusiastic and remarkably well-behaved. The drunken assholes in the balcony left after the opening band, but that’s another story. I’ve seen Augustana twice and I’m so bored with them and so annoyed with their fans that I’m not going to waste another word on them.

Snow Patrol had Friday to bum around town so they went to Kell’s Irish Pub (what with the band being from Ireland and all). Here’s the part I don’t get and if you’ve made it this far into my fangirl post without puking, perhaps you can help me. Gary Lightbody (lead vocals, guitar) said they went to Kell’s and had an “Irish Jew.” He said it twice, and while I’m sure that’s not what he really said, my friends and I all heard it that way and couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Whatever he actually drank, it brought a tear to his eye, and made him think of his mother. Enough gushing. Check them out, sing along, and feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Ahhhh Snow Patrol, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…



  1. M. J. W. Said:

    Congratulations, DAH-ling. I remember the feeling…

  2. iggi Said:

    i didn’t know who these guys were until i read this post…i downloaded ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Run’ the same day. they totally rock.

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