Banco de Gaia at The Doug Fir Lounge

As Stumptown Girl promised, here’s my review of last night’s show at The Doug Fir. The show opened with the DJ from Dahlia. He was spinning a nice groove but with it being a Tues night, I wasn’t much in the mood for shaking it. A little later, Jennifer from Dahlia came out and performed a little preview of their upcoming show. She has a good voice and looked like she was having a good time. I’ll reserve further judgment until I see their full show, although I suspect it’ll be great.

Banco de Gaia was the headliner. He’s a DJ from the UK who spins World music to an electronic groove. It put me in mind of Deep Forest. My friends all agreed that it was a little too much like background music. We weren’t sucked into it and by ones and twos, left early. There was a pretty good sized crowd there for a Tuesday night and there were definitely some people who were digging it. This one guy must have been tweaking (or maybe he’s in better shape than he looked) because he was bouncing and breaking double time to the beat and had clearly spent his youth in the rave scene. He was the most entertaining part of the evening and should have been on stage so everyone else could enjoy him!

I have to say, I enjoy smooth electronica much more when I’m listening to it while doing something else. The problem with this genre of music in a club is that it’s not engaging enough to listen to and there’s nothing to watch but the DJ’s bobbing head and the crowd. Conversation with friends inevitably involves a lot of shouting at each other to be heard, and that gets old after an hour or two. If you feel like dancing, then it’s not such a bad thing. I would listen to Banco de Gaia when I’m at home messing around or in the car.

In the end, the show was just ok, I’d rather listen to the CD, but the company of friends was great!


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