Happy Anniversary Alberta St. Public House!

Friday night I spent the evening listening to music at the Alberta St. Public House. I saw Zephyr,Sassparilla, Sneakin’ Out, and Ashleigh Flynn. The show was a part of their 5 years in business week-long celebration.

I had a full entry written but somehow it completely disappeared when I hit [Publish], so instead of a full review, you’ll get this. The bands were great. Check out the links to hear samples.

If I ever decide to trust the auto-save feature again, just shoot me in the head.

One thing I’ll say is that I think these bands all bring something special to their live shows that doesn’t translate to their recordings. Keep an eye out around town and go see them. They’re worth the trouble.


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  1. Steve Said:

    I agree on all counts. It was my first time at the Alberta St. Public House and I really liked it. It would be easy to become a regular there. The owner, Mikey Beglan, followed Zephyr by playing Irish folk tunes with guitarist Nancy Conescu. He plays the accordian. I’d never seen Sassparilla before — they were a blast. And I always love Sneakin’ Out, Ashleigh Flynn, and Zephyr.

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