Cool Gmail Feature of the Day

Since I’m calling this blog Technogrrrl, I figure I should probably post some techie stuff now and then. My first official techie post is about a nifty feature of Gmail that a friend (thanks Iggi) clued me into the other day. Giving credit where it’s due, you can check out this guy’s blog for the full story, ideas, and comments.

If you have a Gmail account you can add “+” and then whatever you want to your username and the e-mail will make it to you. For instance, you could do (I don’t actually have that account) instead of and the e-mail would make it to me.

I tested it and it worked like a charm. I can see how this would be handy for filling in forms so you know who’s handing out your e-mail address.

If you want to be able to send from a “+” account, you can add it by clicking on Settings and then Accounts from within gmail. You can keep your regular username as your default. Once you’ve added an account, such as, you’ll see a drop-down box when you compose a message that allows you to pick which account you want to send from. When someone replies, it will go to that account.

To top it all off, you can set up filters to automatically sort your conversations into folders by account. Pretty nifty!



  1. Sandra Said:

    That’s really neat!

    I also discovered recently that you can generate unlimited webpages through your gmail account. They take just a sec.

  2. Steve Said:

    Very, very cool! Google continues to be the top innovator in cool new tools and toys. The only problem is that the first site I tried it on — the New York Times — rejected it, saying “Invalid e-mail address.” Hopefully sites won’t get wise and all start doing this. That would be stupid, though, because rather than give the NYT my real address I just left. I refuse to let sites coerce me into giving them whatever personal info they want.

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