Nouvelle Vague -Post Show Report

Damn, they were even better than I remembered! Acoustic guitar, accordion, upright bass, percussion, alto vocals, and soft soprano vocals all add up to a great sound. Phoebe Killdeer has a really cool voice. She reminds me a lot of Shirley Bassey, a great jazz singer. She was mesmerizing and entertaining.  For an encore they did a rousing rendition of Mexican Radio, which the audience enthusiastically joined in on. The crowd was really into it.  Then they did I Just Can’t Get Enough.  As Phoebe said, they “…not only do renditions, they do renditions of renditions!”  It was a blast!  Too Drunk to Fuck was also a crowd favorite. I think that was the first of their songs I’d heard on Rhapsody last year.  It’s repetitive but freakishly catchy.

Anyway, it was good stuff and in spite of a couple of obnoxious people who seem to follow me from show to show (I’m not kidding, I call them the Weird Couple) and another person dumping a chocolate martini in my lap, I had a great time!


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