Nouvelle Vague

Tonight I’m headed over to the good ol’ Doug Fir Lounge to catch Nouvelle Vague, an excellent group of French musicians who take classic New Wave songs and turn them into Bossa Nova pop. They’re a blast! I saw them this time last year at Holocene, another Eastside club here in Portland. I was pretty tired during that show because they got a late start and that venue always feels to me more like an art gallery than a club. I’m really excited that they’re at the Fir this time. The acoustics should be much better and the atmosphere will be great.

Turning New Wave into Bossa Nova has great potential for cheese yet somehow, maybe because they’re French, it ends up being very cool. Just think of Bauhaus’ Bela Lugosi’s Dead crooned by a sexy French chick to a Bossa Nova beat! They cover everything from The Cure to The Clash. Okay, off to the show! I’ll report more later and we’ll see if they live up to my expectations.


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  1. Jeff Said:

    Hey, somebody got a blog. I just read about Nouvelle Vague in the New Yorker. They must be cool, right?

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